May 282011
Mendocino Beach

This watercolour of the beach at Van Damme State Park looks a lot better to me now that I do not have the real thing right in front of my eyes for comparison. Related Posts: Mendocino Sketch-trip Mendocino Towers France Sketches Capay Valley The Pier Mexican Hotel Holiday

May 262011
Mendocino Towers

The northern California town of Mendocino has some very distinctive and quirky architecture. One prominent feature is the towers looming all over town. At first, I thought they were observation towers or merely a quirk of a long-ago architect, neither of which explained the sheer number of them. It took me a while to realise that they were [..READ MORE..]


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May 162011

Here is my contribution to the first TR!CKSTER BOOK being published as a companion piece to the TR!CKSTER conference, happening CON-currently with COMIC CON in San Diego from July 19-24 this year: For a harrowing morning it appeared that my contribution was not to be included, as it been overlooked in the shuffle when the book was being [..READ MORE..]

NEMO: Fish Tank

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May 102011
NEMO: Fish Tank

The organising, scanning and collating of old artwork continues… Here's some FINDING NEMO concept sketches (in gouache and pencil) from early 2000. FINDING NEMO was the first time I'd ever worked for Pixar, as a freelance visual development artist, working mostly at home under RALPH EGGLESTON's capable supervision. I must have jammed on visdev for about 6 months [..READ MORE..]


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May 012011

I've been scanning old artwork, including some that posted on my site before but at a tiny size (back when the internet could only handle teeny tiny files). Here is a brushpen and gouache doodle from an old sketchbook: Related Posts: Devil Girl Gourmet Gruel version 3.0 Sketchbook cheesecake Website Updates… Art for sale A Friendly Monster