Website Update

After a long, long hiatus I’ve recently been fiddling around with some HTML again, and trying to learn about Web-design developments (such as JQuery) since the last time I gave a hoot about such things…. My main goal is to help Julia modify her site (more on that later) but it reminds me that it’s … Read more

New Web Host

Goo Gun

The pic is a sketch I did last year, recently coloured in photoshop. I have just found my own web host, so even though I am still a part of the Maverix Studios site, my files are hosted by, who I can heartilly recommend. Their prices are very reasonable and they always have speedy responses … Read more

Move to WordPress


For the first two years I had my website (2001-2003) I would write this NEWS page directly in HTML and consequently didn’t post all that often as coding punishes my tiny mind. In August 2003 I discovered Blogger and used that for publishing my NEWS page for the past few years. I enjoyed the ease … Read more

A New Site Layout

I have re-organized things over in the FOLIO section. Now every thumbnail loads at the same time and you can choose from a menu of over 250 pix… Previously, visitors to my site needed to perform a million mouse clicks before they saw any pictures; carpal-tunneling through submenu after submenu… I had it organized that … Read more