Mendocino Towers

The northern California town of Mendocino has some very distinctive and quirky architecture. One prominent feature is the towers looming all over town.

At first, I thought they were observation towers or merely a quirk of a long-ago architect, neither of which explained the sheer number of them. It took me a while to realise that they were in fact water towers, because the tanks themselves are often hidden from view, by a surrounding balcony, and unlike the free-standing, open, scaffold-type water tank-stand that I have seen elsewhere, these towers contain windows & doors and are incorporated into the buildings.

7 thoughts on “Mendocino Towers”

    • Thanks very much, Matt. I was trying my hardest to think in blocks of tone. It is always inspiring for me to go drawing with Julia. Her observation and shading skills are so good that it pushes me to try and dump the cartoony thing once in a while and really LOOK at things.

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