Showdown on Harbor Drive

Comiccon Trickster 2011

San Diego, July 2011: This year, TWO comics related events went toe-to-toe in San Diego; COMIC CON, THE undisputed heavyweight comic book show** and, across the street-car tracks, TR!CKSTER, a scrappy little newcomer that punched way above its weight class. I was involved in BOTH! Which qualifies me (somewhat) to REFEREE the showdown: In the … Read more


Here is my contribution to the first TR!CKSTER BOOK being published as a companion piece to the TR!CKSTER conference, happening CON-currently with COMIC CON in San Diego from July 19-24 this year: For a harrowing morning it appeared that my contribution was not to be included, as it been overlooked in the shuffle when the … Read more