Mexican Hotel Holiday

Puerta Vallarta Mexico, 2014

My Brother Jo and his family recently invited Julia and I to join them, and my Dad and his wife Wendy, for a holiday in Mexico. We’ve had a rocky time of things the past few years, and this was a wonderful opportunity to relax. Despite feeling ill the entire time, I did some sketching, … Read more

SPACE..The Final Frontier..

Star Trek

Here are some left-handed drawings from recent TV sketch nights drawing Star Trek. The bright colours and simple shapes, not to mention the broad characters and melodramatic action of James T. Kirk and his iconic space-faring crew can be quite fun to draw. I remember the very first time I ever saw Star Trek; it … Read more

Baker’s March

The Lost Patrol - (L to R): Major Screwup, General Malaise and Private Parts, 2006.

I have just spent two enjoyable weeks travelling around Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia with my Dad and my brother Jo, who have both become interested in the American Civil War. This daguerreotype (taken at Gettysburg) shows the members of the Lost Brigade: (from left to right): Major Screwup, General Malaise and Private Parts. In addition … Read more