Sonoma sketches

 Posted by on April 29, 2018  Lefties, Location Sketching
Apr 292018
Sonoma sketches

I just tidied up and scanned some sketches drawn a few months ago while staying in Sonoma. My Brother Jo and his wife Priscilla were visiting Northern California wine tasting with a group of their friends, and invited Julia and I to meet them on the Sonoma leg of their trip. Julia found us a posh AirbnB near [..READ MORE..]

Europe trip

 Posted by on June 10, 2007  Family, Travel
Jun 102007
Europe trip

I spent the last month in Europe traveling about. The main purpose of the trip was to be at my sister VICTORIA’s wedding in Paris, which all my family members managed to attend. It is no easy matter getting all of us far flung Bakers in the one place at the one time either! Before and after the [..READ MORE..]

Baker’s March

 Posted by on August 25, 2006  Family, Travel, Updates
Aug 252006
Baker's March

I have just spent two enjoyable weeks travelling around Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia with my Dad and my brother Jo, who have both become interested in the American Civil War. This daguerreotype (taken at Gettysburg) shows the members of the Lost Brigade: (from left to right): Major Screwup, General Malaise and Private Parts. In addition to Gettysburg, We [..READ MORE..]