Apr 3, 2013 12:06pm This weekend we saw my brother Dominic off at the airport, for his flight home to Australia. He had been my coach, companion and strategist for 5 weeks and had helped me through a difficult transition period with his trademark humor and wisdom. I was very happy to send him back … Read more

Merry Christmas

Batman, Santa & my nephew Tyler, Armidale Xmas 2004.

It is a winter’s Christmas Eve where I am as I write this, but it is already a summer’s Christmas Day in my home town, which is where this picture was taken during a break in play at LAST year’s Happy Christmas Day Cricket match played behind my Dad’s house. Shown here, taking a well … Read more

Baker family photo

Baker family group photo, 2004.

A rare group shot of the Baker clan taken at my brother Rob’s pre-Christmas party in Sydney. 2004: year in reviewBad StuffI found out that some other people are trying to Trademark the name Rocket Rabbit, which necessitates me shelling out the money for some legal battles. My pal Mike gets in a nasty accident … Read more