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Star Wars REBELS director, my Colossal (Pictures), Maverix Studios, and ILM crony, and great friend.

Feb 012011
Big Sur

My current pocket sketchbook has a long history; it was purchased in 2002, drawn in sporadically until 2004, then lost and only just found again late last year. Consequently, there are OLD sketches amongst the new, such as these from a trip in 2004, when Bosco, myself and Chris (pictured below) went driving south along highway #1 (along [..READ MORE..]

Maverix Auction #6

 Posted by on October 2, 2007  Friends, Updates
Oct 022007
Maverix Auction #6

One of my favourite things to do over the past few years has been to participate in the MAVERIX STUDIOS ART AUCTIONS. They have all been held to raise money for worthy causes, and the satisfaction in being part of one is many-fold. First of all, they are a fantastic prompt to make some original artwork that has [..READ MORE..]

More foreign movies

 Posted by on February 26, 2006  Film/TV, Reviews, Thoughts
Feb 262006
More foreign movies

Many films that have recently inspired me (and my friends) have been from abroad (and not just old ones). A few are from countries whose film industries I was previously unaware of. Here are some (both sublime and ridiculous) that may be worth your time… NIGHT WATCH is a Russian movie just being released in American theatres (just [..READ MORE..]

Bosco’s Matadora

 Posted by on December 22, 2005  Artists, Friends, Updates
Dec 222005
Bosco's Matadora

It was just announced on the Maverix Studios Blog that the money raised during the fierce bidding-battles at their Holiday-party/art-auction a few weeks ago totalled a mighty $12,000! Not bad considering that the benefit was arranged in under 3 weeks. This means that the Maverix guys have raised a grand total of $47,000 dollars for charities during their [..READ MORE..]

Babes In Space

 Posted by on July 1, 2004  Friends, Reading, Updates
Jul 012004
Babes In Space

I’m a contributor to Benton Jew’s Babes in Space anthology, which goes on sale for the first time at the 2004 San Diego comic-con. My contribution is a 10 page NAUTI GIRL story, that I expanded from a short sequence that she appeared in in NERVE BOMB #0.1. There are short stories by a bunch of different artists: [..READ MORE..]


 Posted by on January 2, 2002  Drawings, VisDev
Jan 022002

This goofy Chihuahua/Giraffe critter is from the cancelled Frankenstein project, that I worked on at ILM in 1998. It was a great project with a stellar crew of all-stars, and I eventually gave up trying to design cool, tough and scary monsters, and left that to the many experts. Instead, I went for goofy ideas in an attempt to make the [..READ MORE..]

Comic-con 2001!

 Posted by on August 10, 2001  Conventions, Travel
Aug 102001
Comic-con 2001!

The big push to get our comics finished for the San Diego Comic Con 2001 Convention is finally Over. We managed to sell a few at our Maverix booth down there. It was very gratifying experience for us to have a table instead of traipsing about showing our folios to uninterested editors. Showing our comics to uninterested fans [..READ MORE..]