Labor Day Weekend!

lots of books!

This coming weekend I will be exhibiting at the SF ZINE FEST in Golden Gate Park. It is a nice little show and unlike other book conventions, it is FREE to get in. The ZINE FEST takes place on the south side of the park, near the 9th & Irving neighborhood. The first building you … Read more

Tasty Eyeball Food


I am only just now going through the incredible array of books I bought, traded or was given, at APE last month. The very next day after the show, I went to PORTLAND for two weeks, where I was given another great book by Graham Annable. SCORE! The totality of my reading stash of graphic … Read more

APE this weekend!

Ape 2011

Once again, it’s time to GO APE. My favourite San Francisco comics-show will be held this coming weekend at the CONCOURSE EXHIBITION CENTER. I will be exhibiting there, at table #108, flanked by friends on either side; John Hoffman will be at #107 (with his crew; Kris Pearn and Craig Berry) while Michael Aushenker and … Read more

ZINE FEST This weekend!

Con Paintings

This coming weekend I’ll be exhibiting for the first time at the SAN FRANCISCO ZINE FEST. In addition to my books, I’ll have a few original little paintings for sale as well. I’ve attended myself a few times before, most recently LAST year, when I enjoyed it so much that I had to try being … Read more

Showdown on Harbor Drive

Comiccon Trickster 2011

San Diego, July 2011: This year, TWO comics related events went toe-to-toe in San Diego; COMIC CON, THE undisputed heavyweight comic book show** and, across the street-car tracks, TR!CKSTER, a scrappy little newcomer that punched way above its weight class. I was involved in BOTH! Which qualifies me (somewhat) to REFEREE the showdown: In the … Read more


Here is my contribution to the first TR!CKSTER BOOK being published as a companion piece to the TR!CKSTER conference, happening CON-currently with COMIC CON in San Diego from July 19-24 this year: For a harrowing morning it appeared that my contribution was not to be included, as it been overlooked in the shuffle when the … Read more

Wonder Weekend

Wonder Con 2011 2011

Last weekend was busy. I somehow managed to exhibit at both the HITOTSU charity auction for Japan and that annual benefit for charity-cases: WONDERCON. I’d planned a SOLO, full-booth display extravaganza but, at the 11th hour, I recieved a distress call from old con-buddy RAFAEL NAVARRO, who was left high and dry without an exhibit … Read more