Wild Brain

A great animation studio (originally founded in the Bay Area) by John Hays, Jeff Fino, and Phil Robinson.

Jan 282015
Phil Robinson

A beloved longtime member of the Bay Area animation community, has finally succumbed to pancreatic cancer after battling it bravely for over 3 years. Phil Robinson will be greatly missed by his loving wife Jennifer, and his many friends from around the world, me amongst them. Phil came to the Bay Area in the early 1980s but I first met [READ MORE…]

3 Little Pigs

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Aug 212011
3 Little Pigs

Many of the most-fun projects I work on never actually get made, like this one for example, a very fun project directed by Phil Robinson at Wild Brain in San Francisco. These sketches were done for a re-telling of all the classic FAIRY TALES where the BIG BAD WOLF is the baddie, BUT this time told from his point of [READ MORE…]

Jul 042011
The Cranky Doggy

A fun project I worked on a few years ago was HUBERT’s BRAIN; a quirky short CG film produced by Wild Brain (the original, San Francisco branch) and directed by Phil Robinson & Gordon Clark. Starring Peter Falk (Columbo) Jonathan Harris (Lost in Space) and Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) the film won an Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Short Subject [READ MORE…]

Flight Safety

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Jan 302008
Flight Safety

Gordon Clark and the guys at Wild Brain recently made an entertaining in-flight safety-video for Virgin America Airlines. I really like the pencil-testy look of it. Gordon styled the spot and designed most of the characters that made me laugh (I checked) and he also did the voice-over narration. I recently took a flight to LA and decided to fly [READ MORE…]

Mar 252002
Hubert's Brain

A lot of the the projects that I’ve worked on in the past few years are still in production, or are in some weird political limbo. Either way it means that I can’t show any work that I’ve done on them. A rare example of some recent storyboard work that I can actually show because the project has been finished, [READ MORE…]