17 thoughts on “HUBERT’S BRAIN Storyboards”

  1. Could this handily be put in contrasting juxtaposition with Jamie’s Brain and the saga of Jock, the pooch with teeth only for miscreant mutts?
    Stay well, both.
    Love from me and Wendy, Dad

  2. James,

    What a great sequence, so much mood and drama, love the lighting on Hubert.
    Reminds me of old Boris Karloff movies, oh, and the choice of cuts really plays out the sequence well.

    Man, makes my old crummy boards look flat and corny.

    You could just about shoot these frames as they are and edit some music and fx. for a laugh.

    Tough drawings Mr. Baker.

    • Thanks Arthur. That is high praise coming from a mighty artist such as yourself. You nailed the lighting influence; I’d just finished storyboard work on FRANKENSTEIN and was still stuck in mood lighting mode when I drew this stuff.

      Most of the other sequences I did for this short were just scratchy thumbnails, and wouldn’t you know it but those sequences went straight into production and this one that I spent some time on got cut from the picture. I’ve been meaning to edit together some of my old storyboard sequences (to learn some editing software) and that’s a good idea to use this one.

      PS: Here’s a sequence from another project (also dropped from the final film) that was properly edited to sound: https://vimeo.com/117758060

    • James,

      That edited sequence is awesome, nice staging there, it’s practically animated.

      Yeah, I think I have several reams of unused storyboards myself, mainly from abandoned projects of yesteryear, sometimes I think of editing these also.

      If you are going to get into editing I recommend Premiere pro cc, I have been using this for a while for cutting live stuff and find it very intuitive. I rent this from adobe for $20 bucks per month.

    • Yeah, my next personal project is to learn Premiere. Julia already bought me a weekend crash course, I just have to apply it.

      I’m hoping to edit some of my childhood stories (posted already in this Blog) into little spoken word shorts, just using pans and zooms over my own artwork, and maybe some music and sound effects (like those Ken Burns documentaries). When I’ve gotten the hang of it, i’ll then try to tackle a storyboard sequence (I’d rather learn on a project that has 10-15 images than a few hundred!)

    • The current version of Premiere is really easy to use in comparison with the older product.

      There’s a lot of complex technical stuff that it just handles automatically, if you get stumped at any point you simply refer to a quick video tip (all within the software) and off you go.

      I don’t have the patience to sit down for proper lessons so I just learn on the job.

      Btw, You can layer graphics just like in photoshop and each layer can be controlled with all sorts of effects.

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