Jan 132015
The Bullet Train

In late 1996 I was in a mood to travel. There was an impasse in my life and, as with similar confusing junctions before and since, I hit the road, spending Christmas in Britain with friends, planning to head to Paris in the New Year, by way of the train through the CHUNNEL. Nobody was riding the EUROSTAR train that [READ MORE…]

France Sketches

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Feb 062012
France Sketches

Last Weekend, Julia and I returned from a fantastic 2-week visit to France. Our first few days in Paris were a blur of activity; sight-seeing, visiting the Musée d’Orsay, and meeting with my old friends from when I worked at Disney Paris (in 1990). Then we got on one of those fancy TGV trains, and spent the next few days down [READ MORE…]

Jun 042011
Coming To America

I recently found the drawing that got me my first job here in the USA. These rough character designs of Marty McFly & Doc Brown ultimately landed me an art director job at Colossal Pictures; my favourite company of the many I have worked at. When I faxed this from France in 1990, I was working for the Paris Disney [READ MORE…]

Dave Gordon

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Jul 132008
Dave Gordon

This sketch of my buddy Dave Gordon was done in early 1997 when he, I and mutual friend Tony Stacchi all visited Paris during a very chilly winter indeed. We ‘d just ordered chow in our shitty French, and this is my attempt to render Dave’s ‘dialect’. This was just after I had quit Colossal Pictures, and was traveling a little, [READ MORE…]

Europe trip

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Jun 102007
Europe trip

I spent the last month in Europe traveling about. The main purpose of the trip was to be at my sister VICTORIA’s wedding in Paris, which all my family members managed to attend. It is no easy matter getting all of us far flung Bakers in the one place at the one time either! Before and after the Parisian nuptuals [READ MORE…]


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Jun 052007

Last weekend I put on my moth-eaten old suit and walked the few blocks from my apartment to the San Francisco Masonic Hall, to watch a screening of Ratatouille, the latest PIXAR film. Later, at the Wrap-party, I was surrounded by co-workers and friends, all dressed-up, wearing huge grins on their faces. It wasn’t only the champagne making them smile; [READ MORE…]