Julia Lundman’s SHOP

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Julia Lundman make some absolutely lovely artwork, and now she’s sending it out into the world, so the rest of you can see it too. A new batch or her art is available for sale in her online SHOP!

JuliaLundman.com SHOP

After some art exploration, Julia’s original intention was to start exhibiting in 2020, and had booked a few shows & conventions, but many plans went sideways that year, and especially plans that required in-person transactions. Which conventions & galleries most certainly do.

But now that such things are starting up again, she is prepping to participate in several shows. At the Modern Eden gallery in San Francisco this week, and Illuxcon in Pennsylvania next month. We’ve also started scouting out other shows & conventions in the Bay Area that she might participate in next year.

But, Julia’s online store is open every day! There’s original artwork (both painted from life and her imagination) prints, and stickers & cards for sale. So there’s a price point to suit any budget. The gift-giving season is not far away..

Please take a look, and spread the word to your art-collecting pals!

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