Nerve Bomb comics

For years, I devoted all my creative energies into professional work. Eventually I pursued creative projects of my own, simply to have a little sandbox to play in. Exploration often gets overlooked when working professionally with corporate whims, budgets & schedules. (Incidentally, having this personal outlet has made me a much better employee/team member when working on projects for others). Much as I love the medium of animation, it is labour intensive & time consuming. Thus, my first projects for myself were in the solo medium of comics. NERVE BOMB COMICS, my self publishing imprint, is a place to dabble with ROCKET RABBIT stories, & SEPHILINA the Nauti-Girl, and other such therapeutic silliness. From 2001-2011 I exhibited at West Coast Conventions, with my booth-mate and inspiring partner in creative-crime RHODE MONTIJO. I’m working a ROCKET & PROFESSOR graphic novel, and still have many comics stories I’d like to get to, but we’ll just have to see if time permits me to do them..


One of my most gratifying personal projects was ELEPHANTS IN THE NEWS, a book collaboration with my father. Dad loves elephants and limericks. He combined the two when work colleagues would cut out newspaper stories about elephants and challenge him to write a limerick about each story. When he had a folder of these, he tapped his cartoonist son to illustrate them. This took quite a while, and eventually I took a few months off work and devoted myself full time to finishing the job. We planned to self-publish, but along the way Dad made the acquaintance of a proper publisher. EXISLE PRESS published our father/son project as a rather handsome book.

JOCK mini-comic cover

I began writing autobiographical stories with a mini-comic about JOCK, the feisty little dog I had as a kid. Other such stories soon followed and were developed on my BLOG, including more yarns starring my furry childhood sidekick. In the years when I lost the ability to draw and discovered the joy of words, my blog was the home for more such stories. I eventually illustrated them as I RE-learned how to draw in subsequent years. I’m working my way through a list of reminiscences of more episodes from my childhood. When I have finished them all, hope to self-publish an illustrated collection (current working title BAKER’S DOZEN). Another similar collection deals with autobiographical stories from the globe-trotting years of my early career (working title JOURNEYMAN)

The ManSpider

For many years I’ve wanted to do a sprawling SPACE EPIC. Not my usual goofy cartoon. Both the look and tone of the story is out of my cartoon comfort zone. Thus it stays on the back burner.. but if you see any sci-fi/spaceship drawings on my site, they were probably drawn for that pet project..

Anther Marriot