Tony Stacchi

Director, artist, and my good friend since we met in working in Taiwan in 1986.

Jan 132015
The Bullet Train

In late 1996 I was in a mood to travel. There was an impasse in my life and, as with similar confusing junctions before and since, I hit the road, spending Christmas in Britain with friends, planning to head to Paris in the New Year, by way of the train through the CHUNNEL. Nobody was riding the EUROSTAR train that [READ MORE…]

Here Be Monsters

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Oct 102014
Here Be Monsters

Here Be Monsters is a book illustrated and written by Alan Snow that inspired the animated film, The Boxtrolls. The book is a rambling grab-bag of fun ideas, seemingly every idea that Alan Snow ever had up till that point. It is a very enjoyable read, but presented a problem to adapt into a 90 minute movie. There was so [READ MORE…]

The Boxtrolls

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Sep 262014
The Boxtrolls

I’ve admired the films of Laika for years, and now I’m pleased to say that I’ve been involved in one; THE BOXTROLLS. From 2008-2012 I worked on this film, and to make this an extra special experience for me, it was directed by my dear friend of many years, Tony Stacchi, and Graham Annabel, a new friend made during this [READ MORE…]

Apr 182014
One Flew Off to CUCKOO’S NEST

July 15, 1986, I left Australia for what I thought would be a 6 month or one year trip at most, but it ended up being an overseas jaunt that lasted the rest of my life. I’d worked in Sydney animation studios since 1982, saving money for a trip to Japan. By mid 1986, I’d got my passport, bought a [READ MORE…]

Jun 042011
Coming To America

I recently found the drawing that got me my first job here in the USA. These rough character designs of Marty McFly & Doc Brown ultimately landed me an art director job at Colossal Pictures; my favourite company of the many I have worked at. When I faxed this from France in 1990, I was working for the Paris Disney [READ MORE…]

Report from LA

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Apr 042007
Report from LA

I am still working at SONY PICTURES, which is on the properties of what used to be called UNITED ARTISTS, MGM and COLUMBIA. One of the novelties of working at this particular animation studio is being across the road from a real Hollywood movie backlot, the CULVER STUDIOS, where a lot of classic films have been shot, including “Citizen Kane” [READ MORE…]

Stacchi site update

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Jan 012006
Stacchi site update

Due to my special inside-track relationship with Tony Stacchi’s webmaster I have the hot tip of the week: There has been a BIG upload of new artwork onto Mr Stacchi’s website. The FOLIO section at now contains about twice as many pics as before. Tony is one of the directors on the forthcoming CG cartoon called OPEN SEASON, which [READ MORE…]

Open Season

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Oct 262005
Open Season

Here are some images from OPEN SEASON, the upcoming (September 2006) animated film, which will be the first CG cartoon from Sony. There will be a rash of talking critter pix coming out over the next year, but I am looking forward to this one (in part) because of the goofy character design. The film is being directed by Jill Culton [READ MORE…]

Stacchi online

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Jan 012005
Stacchi online

My old pal of many years, TONY STACCHi finally bowed to all the nagging, and now has a web presence, so drop by and have a look at his new website. The site isn’t completely built yet, but there is already a tasty sample of his work on there to look at. Though a long time resident of the Bay [READ MORE…]

Jan 022002

This goofy Chihuahua/Giraffe critter is from the cancelled Frankenstein project, that I worked on at ILM in 1998. It was a great project with a stellar crew of all-stars, and I eventually gave up trying to design cool, tough and scary monsters, and left that to the many experts. Instead, I went for goofy ideas in an attempt to make the directors LAUGH. [READ MORE…]