The Vicki Baker Tree

When my mother died many years ago, my father arranged with the convent school she once attended for a tree dedicated to her to be planted in the grounds – The Vicki Baker Tree. 

There was a period where the young tree seemed poorly, and it was rather a sad looking stick for a few years. Thankfully though, it found its way upward eventually, and has grown into a splendid tall eucalypt over the decades since it was planted in Mum’s name.

Earlier this year, all her children were in the old home town for our father’s funeral. An extremely sad occasion of course, but also cathartic and even uplifting, to see so many come so far to gather in love to honour Dad. There were heartfelt tears that day, but also much laughter. After the funeral & wake, all we newly-orphaned Baker siblings visited the nearby Vicki Baker Tree, to honour our mother too. 

As we assembled for a photo-op at the base of Mum’s tree, It wasn’t lost on me that we, her children, are the the branches of a tree that Mum planted (with Dad) many years ago. Like The Vicki Baker Tree, we’ve all struggled through our rough patches too, but have subsequently grown.

Today, the 19th of October 2023, would have been our mother’s 80th birthday. Happy Birthday, dear Mum!

10 thoughts on “The Vicki Baker Tree”

    • We Baker siblings are the Vicki/Rob Baker Tree.

      I wish it was more common to commemorate a person with a living thing, rather than a stone. Thanks for commenting, Marg!

  1. That is a lovely tree, and I have to assume your parents were lovely people who raised a badass family. Happy birthday to your mum, and thank you for sharing the story and photo.

    P.S. Eucalyptus trees are too cool!

  2. Ah yes, genus Baker-lyptus, endemic to The Dale (Armidale, Australia), though known to have spread globally.

    This species is admired and cherished.

    Here we see one in full blossom!

    Great post JB and whoever took those pics nailed the moment and composition.


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