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Nuclear powered engine of comedy and destruction, and the star of my self-published comics

Scribbling While Rome Burns

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Apr 232020
Scribbling While Rome Burns

It is strange to look at my last post and think how much has changed in a just few months. Back in January, I’d never even heard of the ‘coronavirus’ and wrote about enjoying casually drawing outside. Nowadays, we barely leave the apartment, and it looks as if we’ll all be homebodies for quite sometime to come. Any drawings I [READ MORE…]

May 252019

I’m a much slower story-artist than I used to be, but random pauses at work sometimes give me chances to dabble on my pet personal project – an expansion of old Rocket Rabbit comics stories. For the past few years Rocket Rabbit has become primarily an art therapy project, as I continue to learn to draw with my left hand. [READ MORE…]

Oct 222017
Maverix Studios: 1995-2011

Late 1996, I resigned from Colossal Pictures, the only full time staff position I’d ever had. By then I’d been working in animation for 15 years, but recent job disasters had soured me to the industry, and I was unsure what to do next. After traveling for a few months, I’d decided to focus on the enjoyable aspects of being a cartoonist [READ MORE…]


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Aug 292017

One of the first colour images I ever drew of Rocket Rabbit was of being chased by a big blue robot, who came to be called THE BLUDGEONATOR. Although that image became the cover for my first ever Rocket Rabbit comic book, I never drew any continuity for this robotic showdown back then, but I’m roughing out the story of [READ MORE…]

The Year Of The Rabbit

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Oct 182016
The Year Of The Rabbit

Since 2001 or so, I’ve occasionally published silly comics about ROCKET & PROFESSOR, but I’ve doodled the characters even longer than that. The few comics I’ve actually completed belie the fact that I’m always drawing the characters, and thumbnailing & planning stories. Real life sometimes got in the way of following through, but lately I’ve been trying to assemble a [READ MORE…]

Feb 272011
Rocket Rabbit Collection

For the EMERALD CITY convention in Seattle this week, I have a “new” book to sell; a 56 page collection of all the Rocket Rabbit stories that I’ve published so far. KENESS has really come through with yet another fantastic print job. At 8.25×10.5 inches, this format is much bigger than any of the earlier Rocket Rabbit books and the [READ MORE…]

Year of the RABBIT

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Feb 072011
Year of the RABBIT

Gung Hay Fat Choy, everybody! In the chinese zodiac, 2011 is the year of the Rabbit. Coincidentally, it is also the 10th year of my self-publishing efforts, which started with Rocket Rabbit back at Comic Con in 2001. If I can find enough spare time, I intend to publish an anniversary ROCKET RABBIT edition (collecting old stories plus new material) [READ MORE…]

Oct 142010
Ape 2010: Table #108

I just bought some portable lightweight stands to hang my CONVENTION BANNERS from. It was a bit of an intelligence test trying to figure out how they work but I prevailed and will use them for the first time at the Alternative Press Expo (APE) this weekend. Mostly these book-shows and conventions provide a backboard behind the exhibitor spaces to [READ MORE…]

Book Plans

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Sep 302010
Book Plans

Lately, I’ve been planning my self-published books for next year. 2011 will mark the 10th year of my self-publishing efforts, which began at Comic Con 2001, when I exhibited for the very first time (sharing a table with Bosco Ng and Derek Thompson). Although there has been a steady flow of comics and minis in the interim, my output of [READ MORE…]