Baroque helmet

I’ve been scanning old artwork, including some that posted on my site before but at a tiny size (back when the internet could only handle teeny tiny files). Here is a brushpen and gouache doodle from an old sketchbook:

Commuter scribble

mystical cat

Here’s a ballpoint pen doodle scanned from the pocket sketch-book I carry with me now. Most of the contents are nonsensical, scribbly, shaky drawings such as this one, done on the train during my commute. If I can get a seat, I don’t mind the journey; it allows me to read, draw or even write. … Read more

Water-based Oil sketch

Sephi colour sketch

I am trying to scan and post more IMAGES on here, as opposed to wordy ramblings and photos… Here is a SEPHILINA exploration done on in Water-based oils. I am not well-versed enough with painting to know what the differences are between the media out there. I have a little experience with gouache and water-colour … Read more