Maverix Studios

A great little collective of artists that I used to be a member of.

Oct 222017
Maverix Studios: 1995-2011

Late 1996, I resigned from Colossal Pictures, the only full time staff position I’d ever had. By then I’d been working in animation for 15 years, but recent job disasters had soured me to the industry, and I was unsure what to do next. After traveling for a few months, I’d decided to focus on the enjoyable aspects of being a cartoonist [READ MORE…]

Aug 052016
Pear Cider & Cigarettes

I’ve worked in many studios, but will always have a special fondness for MAVERIX STUDIOS, the place where I first created my own ideas, rather than merely being a cog in someone else’s machine. All other members of the Maverix collective explored their own creative visions too and it was constantly chaotic, nutty & fun, as such stimulating places often are. Studio founder Robert Valley has recently [READ MORE…]

Jet-Kid ♥ Hola-Gato

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Mar 302011
Jet-Kid ♥ Hola-Gato

This colour pencil drawing is my submission to the HITOTSU art Auction being held this Saturday at the SUPERFROG GALLERY, as a fund-raiser for JAPAN. In trying to do a piece for a show that honours Japan, I started out by thinking of all my favourite Japanese cartoon characters, which is where my love of Japanese culture began (Cartoons is [READ MORE…]


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Jul 262008

In celebration of all the glory that is the San Diego COMIC CON, here are some sketches of Con denizens that I drew a few years back… These drawings were all done for the “Field Spotters Guide to Gomers” that a few of us from Maverix Studios published a few years ago to aid in spotting Comic Con wildlife.

Dec 032007
My Auction Pieces

These Star Wars portraits are the original pieces that I did for the latest Maverix Art Auction, held last night. Additionally, I submitted three signed and framed prints from my Dad’s Elephant Book. Over this past week I rented and watched the original three Star Wars movies, and as I’d already been doodling the characters, I decided to tidy up [READ MORE…]


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Nov 252007

Next week, Maverix Studios is hosting yet ANOTHER AUCTION. After raising money for many international charities, this time the Maverix crew decided to help a charitable organization in the Bay Area community, Glide Memorial Church. The proceeds from this particular art auction will support Glide’s Children’s Creative Arts Media Center. Past Maverix Auctions have typically raised $9,000-$12,0000 and it is [READ MORE…]

Oct 022007
Maverix Auction #6

One of my favourite things to do over the past few years has been to participate in the MAVERIX STUDIOS ART AUCTIONS. They have all been held to raise money for worthy causes, and the satisfaction in being part of one is many-fold. First of all, they are a fantastic prompt to make some original artwork that has nothing to [READ MORE…]

KittyKorps VS DogsOfWar

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Sep 302007
KittyKorps VS DogsOfWar

These are two new original pieces I did especially for the latest Maverix Studios charity art auction, which was held last night to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. They were done on grey Canson paper with a combination of ink, pencil and gouache. I’ve had these characters in mind for a story in an upcoming ROCKET RABBIT issue, and [READ MORE…]

Auction Results

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May 242007
Auction Results

The Maverix Studios and Sketchcrawl Art Auction raised a mighty $13,000!!!! Not a bad effort for a few hours of honest fun. All the proceeds will go to the charity called EMERGENCY: Life Support for Civilian War Victims. This is another of the three pieces I submitted; a watercolor of Sephilina, which was successfully bid on by Derek. (I am [READ MORE…]

May 202007
Behold: The Swag!

Yet another Maverix Studios art-auction fund-raiser has come and gone and I think this may have been one of their best yet. I certainly had a very good time. You can see here the 5 pieces that I won in the bidding (From top to bottom: Ted Mathot, Ronnie Del Carmen, Mike Murnane, Louis Gonzales, and Bill Presing). I am [READ MORE…]