Sho Murase

Oct 222017
Maverix Studios: 1995-2011

Late 1996, I resigned from Colossal Pictures, the only full time staff position I’d ever had. By then I’d been working in animation for 15 years, but recent job disasters had soured me to the industry, and I was unsure what to do next. After traveling for a few months, I’d decided to focus on the enjoyable aspects of being a cartoonist [READ MORE…]

Oct 022007
Maverix Auction #6

One of my favourite things to do over the past few years has been to participate in the MAVERIX STUDIOS ART AUCTIONS. They have all been held to raise money for worthy causes, and the satisfaction in being part of one is many-fold. First of all, they are a fantastic prompt to make some original artwork that has nothing to [READ MORE…]

Sei Death and legend

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Aug 212003
Sei Death and legend

It is my duty to let all of you know about Maverix Studios‘ proudest moment: Sho Murase‘s book SEI: DEATH AND LEGEND is being published by IMAGE comics and will be out in NOVEMBER 2003!! One of our own has graduated from the ranks of self-publishing to being picked up by one of the major comics publishers who plan to [READ MORE…]