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I am only just now going through the incredible array of books I bought, traded or was given, at APE last month. The very next day after the show, I went to PORTLAND for two weeks, where I was given another great book by Graham Annable. SCORE! The totality of my reading stash of graphic … Read more

Zine Fest 2010

Zinefest 2010

Here’s my haul from last weekend’s ZINE FEST, here in San Francisco. I’d planned to exhibit there myself but it sold out by the time I applied. That turned out to be a good thing; it’s fun to go to comics shows as an ATTENDEE sometimes, especially as part of a POSSE (myself, Julia, Jeff, … Read more


My good pal David Gordon has been writing and illustrating charming children’s books for a few years now (such as THE THREE LITTLE RIGS and THE UGLY TRUCKLING). His latest story is a collaboration with his girlfriend Susan and, appropriately enough, it is a charming love story between two articles of lost laundry; a sock … Read more