Wondercon 2006

Wondercon 2005.

Having been labelled pretentious for posting about Fellini, (and by an Italian no less) I’m now in tactical retreat back to lowbrow territory with a post about comics. Specifically Wondercon 2006, (AKA: the Nerd Prom) which I exhibited at this last weekend. When exhibiting at conventions, Nerve Bomb international has been affiliated with the Abismo … Read more

Cloud Boy

I just got to see an advance copy of an absolutely charming new children’s book. It is CLOUD BOY by Rhode Montijo. Both the luminous artwork and the deceptively simple concept of this book are appealing and part of that appeal lies in how well the art and concept work together. It is illustrated in … Read more

Pirates, Cats & Rabbis

It is wonderful to see some European graphic novels being distributed in major bookstores in the US. I hope that they sell well enough to prompt more of the same in future… I mentioned Epileptic and Gemma Bovary earlier, and here are two more that are worthy of both your time and your money: ISAAC … Read more

Commuter Reading

After being told about them for years, I recently “discovered” the AUBREY/MATURIN novels by Patrick O’Brian. 10 years ago a group of co-workers became obsessed with them and since then other friends and my Dad sang their praises, yet I resisted all the urging to read the books. What could be so gripping about reading … Read more

Death Day

In an earlier post I mentioned that Sam Hiti, has been working on a new book called DEATH DAY. Sam is being (understandably) secretive about the storyline, apart from the fact that it is set against a backdrop of war. But he did send me this preview page that shows the grittier style he will … Read more

Mexican Independents day

This weekend three cool indie comics creators have organized the first ever Mexican Independent Comic Book Day! (An event so huge it actually takes two days!). Rhode Montijo, Mr Rafael Navarro and of course Mr Bigtime himself, Hollywood Hernandez will all be signing and promoting their books in the Bay Area. Day one is Friday … Read more

Recent reading


GEMMA BOVARY by POSY SIMMONDS. Shamefully, I have had this book for months, and only gave it the cursory speed read until very recently when I finally gave this book the attention that it deserved. It took several nights to get through the book, as it is very dense and has layers and layers of … Read more

some FRENCH books

I recently aquired two beautiful books from France. The first is called DROLES de PINUP by HERVAL, who is one of the artists whose work you can see in the latest FLIGHT anthology. I became familiar with Herval’s work through image posting forums, mainly the Drawing Board. He became one of those few artists whose … Read more

A.P.E. 2005

APE 2005

Even though I spent most of the time at a table hawking my wares, I was still able to find a few gems at this years ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO. The debut of the 2nd FLIGHT anthology was a very big deal, and this book is certainly thicker and perhaps even better than the first, so … Read more

The Ugly Truckling

My buddy David Gordon‘s charming new children’s book, THE UGLY TRUCKLING just got a nice review in the NEW YORK TIMES. I’ve seen the book on display in lots of bookstores, so if you want to pick up a copy for your kids it shouldn’t be hard to find. Or you could try short interview … Read more