Feb 262017

Here are a few more visual development sketches done while working in Ralph Eggleston‘s art department on FINDING NEMO, way back in 2000. Some of my drawings of turtles and pelicans seen here (as well as designs for a moorish idol and sharks posted earlier) actually made it into the ART OF FINDING NEMO book. None of the VisDev I [READ MORE…]

WALL-E: VisDev

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Nov 262016
WALL-E: VisDev

This is some visual development for WALL-E drawn back in early 2005 while I worked under the great production designer RALPH EGGLESTON in the Pixar ART department, before working in the story department on the same project. In its very earliest incarnation, WALL-E started as an idea developed by PETE DOCTER, but when it went into production the director was [READ MORE…]

Jun 102015

INSIDE OUT is an unusual film for a big studio to make; it is very ambitious and abstract. I worked on the story team from 2010 to late 2012, and everyone was excited about the idea, but dramatising that idea was at times quite challenging. I finally saw the film at a crew Wrap Party screening last month, and I’m [READ MORE…]

NEMO: Sharks

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Sep 172011
NEMO: Sharks

Here are some visual development designs I drew for FINDING NEMO back in 2000, when I was freelancing for the Pixar art department and RALPH EGGLESTON. This was around the time that I began doing artwork in the computer, and in fact this first colour image was one of the first I’d ever finished in Photoshop. The character was drawn [READ MORE…]

Jun 182011
RATATOUILLE: Too many Cooks

Here’s some very early RATATOUILLE visdev I did for Jan Pinkava, way back in 2000. As far as I know, I was the first artist to have drawn anything at all on this project, and these images were done as part of the very first pitch, where Jan pitched (I think) 3 of his original ideas, from which the studio [READ MORE…]

Ronald Searle’s Birthday

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Jun 132011
Ronald Searle's Birthday

I can’t think of any cartoonist that I admire more than the great RONALD SEARLE. Many others feel the same about this superb satirist and stylist, including the 70 PIXAR artists who recently sent him a 91st BIRTHDAY SKETCHBOOK filled with tributes; a project which I was honored (though intimidated) to be included in. It was the one and only [READ MORE…]

NEMO: Fish Tank

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May 102011
NEMO: Fish Tank

The organising, scanning and collating of old artwork continues… Here’s some FINDING NEMO concept sketches (in gouache and pencil) from early 2000. FINDING NEMO was the first time I’d ever worked for Pixar, as a freelance visual development artist, working mostly at home under RALPH EGGLESTON’s capable supervision. I must have jammed on visdev for about 6 months or so, [READ MORE…]


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Apr 202011

This charming gouache painting was just given to me by my pal MATT JONES. It may be a GOODBYE present for my departing the story crew we both worked on together, or perhaps it is a SORRY present, to make amends for the incredibly funny good-bye CARD he also did, depicting me in the depths of tawdriness, which was signed [READ MORE…]

Power Lunch

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Aug 122010
Power Lunch

Not so long ago Ronnie organised a re-union lunch for the story team that had worked on UP, where we were finally introduced to THE GOLDEN BOY. It was a very pleasant afternoon, reconnecting with some people I had not seen in ages and a wonderful way to commemorate the project that is definitely the film I am most proud [READ MORE…]