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Aug 292021

Last week I had a staycation here in San Francisco. My chance to take care of some errands and be lazy, but on the weekend I hung out with pals, and even got proactive and did a little sketching in Golden Gate Park.

Friday, Julia & I set out early for the area around The Conservatory of Flowers, which is one of our fave spots in the park to sketch. There are so many fun things around there to draw. Julia was interested in painting the dahlias, and although we missed the peak of dahlia season, she nevertheless managed to get a few lovely color studies painted. I decided to draw one of the many sculptures in the area, and sat on the the grass to sketch a monument to President James A. Garfield (which I later found out was the first monument dedicated in Golden Gate Park).The man himself stands atop the pedestal, but I was more interested in the sculpture of Columbia that sits at the base, holding both a sword and a wreath, which I assume had something to do with his assassination (he was shot in 1881 and the monument was unveiled in 1885). After we both started to tire (it was actually very hot in the park that day!) Julia & I walked to a nearby restaurant that we’ve often noshed at before, after our park sketching sessions (and we were very happy to see it still operating at the high standard of deliciousness that it had before the pandemic).

The highlight of Saturday was a fun lunch on Treasure Island, an artificial island in the middle of San Francisco Bay built for the 1939 World’s Fair, and intended to become an airfield for ‘flying boats’, blimps, and airships, that instead became a military base and platform for the Bay Bridge. Although I’ve lived in San Francisco since 1991, I’ve never been to Treasure Island before, and the views of San Francisco from the restaurant where we ate at were spectacular.

The excuse for this particular get together was a belated wrap-party lunch of the LUCA story team. Although I still see some of these folks frequently in ZOOM meetings, it has been over 18 months since I’ve met with most of these lovely colleagues in person, and a very enjoyable few hours was spent eating (and laughing) in their company.

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  1. James! You look MAGNIFICENTLY DAPPER in that Luca Group photograph! Thanks for the report!
    (and Julia’s dahlia paintings are equally magnificent! Bravo, all! (GE)

    • Why thank you, George! That ‘meeting in Montevideo’ rig was bought with a Hawaii vacation in mind. A trip that we had planned but ended up delaying until the autumn or spring. But at least I was able to debut the ensemble last weekend. I’ve been told it makes me look like Richard Attenborough from Jurassic Park!

  2. Hi Jamie! It’s good to catch up. Thanks for the update. Lovely and inspiring as usual. I had no idea there’s a restaurant on Treasure Island now. It was often the exciting half way spot for us Bridge and Tunnel kids. Or a place to change a tire. I’m glad it’s getting some love.
    I cannot believe how its been nearly 4 years since my return. With fire interruptus, covid etc, it seems much shorter. Cheers from la Rosa!

    • I remember hearing that a few movies & shows were filmed there in the 1990s, in some of aircraft hangers converted to sound stages? (Not sure if any of that is still current). My Uber driver said the entire island has been bought by a property developer and they will be building up the island to make it HIGHER to protect new real estate (condos & hotels etc) from tsunamis and rising sea levels.

  3. Yes, Yes, very Richard Attenborough-esque. Great to see everyone out and about enjoying gardens, colour, city views and the Sun.
    As always love the sketches and story that goes along with it. Thanks Jimbo

  4. LOL, ‘That meeting in Montevideo rig’ indeed! Your senior level Modern History master, Br John Cantwell, would be suitably impressed. Just don’t start sketching Florence in that snappy garb fo fear of conjuring David’s alter-ego.
    Wonderful sketch and words Jim – keep them coming!
    Ps. Another memory that sticks from those Modern History school days was your quip …
    ‘When you want a break have a diktat’! (Clever fellow that J S Baker.)

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