Kid Kalimari

Kid Kalimari Comix

This guy here is called KID KALIMARI, a comics character that I never did much with. He is related to another one of my characters that I have actually followed through on publishing; SEPHILINA.  He lives in the city of SAN FIASCO, and ends up becoming a pal of ROCKET & the PROFESSOR. In the … Read more

Emanata Comix Reader

Sephilina Comics

Recently, I was contacted by GEORGE CHEN, a designer from CHURN LABS, which is a company that makes internet and mobile applications. One of their recent creations is EMANATA, an indie comix reader app for the iPad, and I am happy to say that one of my stories was in the recent launch of the … Read more

Water-based Oil sketch

Sephi colour sketch

I am trying to scan and post more IMAGES on here, as opposed to wordy ramblings and photos… Here is a SEPHILINA exploration done on in Water-based oils. I am not well-versed enough with painting to know what the differences are between the media out there. I have a little experience with gouache and water-colour … Read more


Over the past few months, due to frequent travel, technical problems with my computer, work and other lame excuses that I haven’t even thought of yet, there haven’t been many drawings posted here in my BLOG. From now on, I will post more from my Sketchbook; this one of Sephilina in a mini-skirt, for example. … Read more