Water-based Oil sketch

I am trying to scan and post more IMAGES on here, as opposed to wordy ramblings and photos… Here is a SEPHILINA exploration done on in Water-based oils.

I am not well-versed enough with painting to know what the differences are between the media out there. I have a little experience with gouache and water-colour but lately I have been playing aound with “water-based oils.” I’ve not figured out if I like them or not, just yet. I still haven’t found my preffered colour medium… I am also curious to find out what “Acrylic Gouache” is like.

18 thoughts on “Water-based Oil sketch”

  1. Very nice, Jamie! Great seeing you do more paintings! I like the lighting on this one! Your next assignment– Supergirl! :)

  2. This is sweet Jamie. You captured some nice light, especially on her face.

    I did a painting earlier this year with acrylic gouache. It handles pretty much exactly like gouache except, when it dries, and you paint over it, it doesn’t pick up the layer of gouache underneath. A problem I have always had with regular gouache.

    I don’t know if I would do an entire painting in the stuff again, but I would certainly use it in conjunction with my usual regular acrylics.

  3. O yeah! Seems like these squid girls are taking on a more whimsical feeling lately. I could be imagining it. This piece is keeping me up to draw! Grrr!


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