SEPHILINA the Nauti Girl

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It’s not easy being a member of the ugliest species in the known universe! Thankfully, SEPHILINA, like all other SQUOIDS, can shape-shift and appears as a cute-ish blue girl in green tentacle dreadlocks.

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  1. Where to get the book from man? lol This is awesome stuff

    • I have a few copies left, but it’s up on the web now, for FREE!

    • awesome man, i mean though do you want to make another print run? I’d produce it if you were fine for us to look for a good print house here in the Philippines?

    • ooh! That’s good to know. But my books sold so few copies that I’m lately thinking that web comics are the way to go?

    • yeah, but tactile is still best , specially for art like that. we could just give it a go and put some into marketing? let’s give it a think, i mean that physical copy you had a photo of is gorgeous. heck, let’s give 20% of proceeds to your favorite charity or something lol i’m game for ideas. quite a few comic/graphic novel outlets here we might be able to consign to, bookstores. patreon takes care of a lot of digital artists, but some stuff you just have to see on paper. don’t you miss smelling paper? XD

    • 10k color copies wasn’t so bad here the last time i checked.

    • I’m with you, Royce. I love analog comics. I made them for 10 years and exhibited at comic shows, but never got enough sales to justify the print costs.. But I’m working on a new book now (slowly, with my left hand) and maybe I’ll print a few of that, as well as a web comic version.

    • James Baker i was going to start up with an adult coloring book myself, but for next year. Just keep it on the backburner for now, but I’ll ask around here for printing costs if you don’t mind? Worth knowing?

  2. Do we have to take it on the lam again? Huh? Get outta Dodge? Light out for Bodie?

  3. Sweet! Cool stuff, James!

  4. She’s a favorite! Will she make any kind of appearance (cameo, special guest, et al?) in the new opus?

  5. One of my favorites of yours Jamie

  6. James waiting for the 1981 albatross and mariner book! Baci.

  7. I love this comic. <3

  8. She’s hot.
    Would love to see this animated.
    Flash, After Effects or the freebie Blender.
    Webisodes would work well.
    Keep it stylish and simple.
    Rocket Rabbit too.
    When you’ve finished your current project have a think about it.I’d love to help.

  9. My copy is falling to bits from flicking through a lot…I have it in one of those press seal sandwich bags. My little seafood surprise! Can’t wait to see your new leftie stuff, really enjoyed the Mad Max art!

    All the best to you Jimmy.

  10. Nice work James. it has a vey european look, especially the colours and page layout. i am heading to China in a few weeks, will be talking to some Media companies in Guangzhou. let me know if you are interested in any illustration work.

  11. Killer Komic James!
    Sorta like Barbarella on seaweed steroids.
    Next up Sephilina vs Neuralgia the ancient Greek goddess of pain.

    • What I was thinking about while writing it is that SEPHILINA is of that same alien race that Lovecraft writes about. Turns out they are not malevolent whatsoever, but the fact that the very sight of them fills all other species with a deep sense of fear and dread makes it very difficult to carry on inter-species friendships without some shape-shifting subterfuge.

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