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Recently, I was contacted by GEORGE CHEN, a designer from CHURN LABS, which is a company that makes internet and mobile applications. One of their recent creations is EMANATA, an indie comix reader app for the iPad, and I am happy to say that one of my stories was in the recent launch of the app in the iTunes Store.

EMANATA is sort of digital anthology indie comics MAGAZINE, with each short story linked from a scrolling index of panels that forms the index page. Each story then links to the website of the respective artists. The interface design is very clean and intuitive and the artwork looks very nice on the iPad. I had to re-format my SEPHILINA story, as my artwork was initially designed for a LANDSCAPE aspect-ratio book, but I did not mind doing this because I’d actually planned to do so anyway, when I had enough pages for an album, so this was a nice test-of-concept.

I am very much a person who likes having a REAL book to hold in my hands but, after spending several years on the self-publishing and comic convention exhibiting treadmill, I am very interested in the potential of this NEW venue for comics, especially if it helps them reach people who might not otherwise see them.

If you have an iPad and have any interest at all in comics, indie or otherwise, please go check out EMANATA; the app is FREE.

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  1. Your stuff looks great Jamie and I agree about the future of the format. As a somewhat colorful friend once said, e comics won’t be popular until people can read them on the toilet.

    Did you see the PIXAR ad running on Cartoon Brew looking for story artists?

  2. Hey all, This is George from Emanata here.

    James’s correct about, “Place it in EMANATA and use it to drive traffic to your OWN app on iTunes?”.

    Originally, we built the Emanata platform as a way to help artists, designers, storytellers to make their iPad “app”. But we then realized the bigger problem here, is that, these artists aren’t getting their work discovered in the first place. Having another app might not help the problem. So feel building Emanata and showcasing the artists is a better way to go.

    In the future, make it easy for people to “make apps” could be something er circle back to though. :)


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