Chris Hauge

Feb 252009
Pisstake Platoon

Earlier I mentioned Arthur Filloy‘s Airplane drawing blog, Drawn Patrol. He now has another blog called PISSTAKE PLATOON which likewise showcases old drawings done at work, though this time the focus is not on planes, but general silliness; Caricatures, in jokes and other drawings done to amuse each-other while we all worked on mind-numbingly terrible Saturday morning cartoons. If you [READ MORE…]

May 302007

These days, many artists (even those still in school) have their own web-sites, with links to artists who have influenced them. Hop-scotching around the internet from site to site has been a great source of inspiration for me in recent years. You can see links to artists that I admire on my LINKS page, but some of those who have [READ MORE…]

UNlimited Animation

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Dec 162005
UNlimited Animation

Some of my pals have been been cranking out some inspiring animation I want to tell you about. What I like about each of these spots is that they are all boldly stylized, proudly 2D and show that “limited” animation doesn’t have to be limited at all… Chris Hauge and Halo Pictures in Sydney recently produced a nifty MTV ASIA [READ MORE…]


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May 012002

Well, I’ve been fiddling about on this site since I registered the domain name in september 2001, and it is finally starting to take shape. There isn’t much news to report this early in the game, but one exiting development is that my old Pal Chris Hauge, who has his own studio in Sydney called HALO PICTURES, is currently modelling [READ MORE…]