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Space FLiK

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Dec 052014
Space FLiK

Recently, I found a small cardboard box that contains all the artwork, and the super-8 film spool of a movie I made when I was 15-17, for my final high school HSC art exam. This celluloid masterpiece was called SPACE FLiK, and was a parody of Star Wars in the style of Mad magazine (two things I was obsessed with [READ MORE…]

Mar 172014
On Drawing

I have recently been wrestling with re-learning how to draw. The loss of my former ability has led me to reflect on what drawing has meant to me in my 30 year career as a cartoonist, and how and why I came to be so interested in drawing in the first place. Back when I was very little, when my [READ MORE…]


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Mar 162011

Lately, I can think of nothing else than the tragedy in Japan, a country where I spent many happy years but that is being tested to the limit right now. While it’s heart-breaking to look at the videos and photos of the terrifying scale of the destruction wrought by the Quake and Tsunami (and the prospect of nuclear disaster) I [READ MORE…]

20 years in SF?!

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Jan 112011
20 years in SF?!

On January 7th, 1991 I arrived in San Francisco and, a few days later, I showed up to work on what I thought would be an 8 month job at an animation studio called Colossal Pictures… I still cannot quite believe that THIS week marks my TWENTY YEAR anniversary of living and working here in this wonderful city. I had [READ MORE…]

The Magnificent Seven

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Sep 272009
The Magnificent Seven

PROLOG I meant to post this earlier, but got waylaid by technical difficulties and the distractions of real life. So, without further ado, here’s the story of an adventure from this time LAST year. In September 2008, I went back to my hometown, met up with 6 childhood friends– Some having known each-other ever since kindergarten— and together the 7 [READ MORE…]


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Sep 222009

Sony Trinitron TV set: Jan 2001-Jun 2009. This ballpoint sketch of my TV also accurately shows the level of clutter in but one tiny corner of my crummy apartment… and so it is with the clutter inside of my mind. Not long ago, when television broadcasting here in the Bay Area switched from analog to all-digital, my old Sony Trinitron [READ MORE…]

My GrandFather’s Hands

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Jun 092009
My GrandFather's Hands

This is one of my favourite photos that I have ever taken, though I realise that it is entirely for personal reasons, rather than for any photographic merits (after all, it was taken back in the days of manual focus). It is a picture of my paternal Grandfather’s hands taken on a very happy day; a 51st birthday celebration for [READ MORE…]

Taco-Truck Crawl

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Mar 282009
Taco-Truck Crawl

Last year, during a conversation about the delights of Mexican food (between Rhode, Ted and I), someone hit upon the idea for a TACO TRUCK CRAWL; an epic journey from taco stand to taco stand, in quest of the best Tacos. Many months later, the idea came to fruition, as a group of EIGHT of us, Rhode, Ted, Myself and [READ MORE…]