Robert Valley

Oct 222017
Maverix Studios: 1995-2011

Late 1996, I resigned from Colossal Pictures, the only full time staff position I’d ever had. By then I’d been working in animation for 15 years, but recent job disasters had soured me to the industry, and I was unsure what to do next. After traveling for a few months, I’d decided to focus on the enjoyable aspects of being a cartoonist [READ MORE…]

Aug 052016
Pear Cider & Cigarettes

I’ve worked in many studios, but will always have a special fondness for MAVERIX STUDIOS, the place where I first created my own ideas, rather than merely being a cog in someone else’s machine. All other members of the Maverix collective explored their own creative visions too and it was constantly chaotic, nutty & fun, as such stimulating places often are. Studio founder Robert Valley has recently [READ MORE…]

Oct 012013
Tomorrow, You Only Have Memories Forever, Again. Twice.

As a child, going to the cinema was special. Seeing even a crummy movie back then was somehow way more fun than seeing an absolutely amazing movie is for me today. Of course, my childhood was in the pre-video era, when perhaps the anticipation of a movie and the fond memories of it afterward were greater than they are now, [READ MORE…]

Jul 102006
My Comic-Con Shopping list

Normally at this time of year, leading up to Comic Con, I would be powering up my personal Hype Machine and trying to whet your appetites for one of my own books. This time however I haven’t cooked anything new (or rather, it is still baking) but you don’t need to go hungry as I have some recommendations of other [READ MORE…]

UNlimited Animation

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Dec 162005
UNlimited Animation

Some of my pals have been been cranking out some inspiring animation I want to tell you about. What I like about each of these spots is that they are all boldly stylized, proudly 2D and show that “limited” animation doesn’t have to be limited at all… Chris Hauge and Halo Pictures in Sydney recently produced a nifty MTV ASIA [READ MORE…]

Jan 022002
Chihuaraffe, Squid Kong & Polly-cat

A few years back, I worked at ILM as a story artist on the (later cancelled) CGI FRANKENSTEIN project, directed by Dave Carson & Brent Maddock. In 1998 I tried my hand at creepy creature design, but was ultimately betrayed by my goofy cartoonist roots.. I knew that in the early days of any animated movie it is not uncommon [READ MORE…]