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In an earlier post, I lamented that many artists who inspired me when I entered the animation business have no web presence. I am happy to say that now, the mighty DEANE TAYLOR has a BLOG, and is posting insanely cool doodles every other day. It is hard to overstate what an incredible inspiration Deane … Read more

Above Sydney

Flying into Sydney, 2008.

Here is a photo taken early in the morning, after a long trans-Pacific flight from San Francisco to Australia. This is the view of Sydney taken while on a connecting flight to the city of Adelaide, which is where I am right now, visiting my friends Deane and Joy. It took me around 21 hours … Read more


Deane Taylor in his studio, 1991.

These days, many artists (even those still in school) have their own web-sites, with links to artists who have influenced them. Hop-scotching around the internet from site to site has been a great source of inspiration for me in recent years. You can see links to artists that I admire on my LINKS page, but … Read more