UNlimited Animation

Some of my pals have been been cranking out some inspiring animation I want to tell you about. What I like about each of these spots is that they are all boldly stylized, proudly 2D and show that “limited” animation doesn’t have to be limited at all…

Chris Hauge and Halo Pictures in Sydney recently produced a nifty MTV ASIA station ID for Passion-Pictures Australia. It has some beautifully timed animation that matches well the stylings of Nathan Jurevicius who designed and oversaw the production. The spot is called MONKEY KING.

Robert Valley, the enigmatic founder of Maverix Studios, produced this personal project a year or two ago, some of you may have seen it before, perhaps when it was screened at the Maverix booth at Comic-con. but in celebration of the coolness of the piece itself, ladies and gentlemen, I present MASSIVE SWERVE.

A few months ago I plugged Charlie Canfield‘s political AD which featured an animated Arnold Shwarzenegger done in a digitally produced, cut-out animation technique. See that same technique in a much more wholesome vein; a personal project animated to Mozart’s One Minute Waltz. The piece is called HIDE AND SEEK.

The Ghostbot guys have now added a gallery of animation on their website. So rather than mention one of the spots I’ll just tell you to go look at ALL of them. If you live in the USA you’ll recognize the stylish and snappy ESURANCE commercials. Interestingly they also have a spot animated in the style of Nathan Jurevicius but be sure to have a look at everything there.

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