Labor Day Weekend!

lots of books!

This coming weekend I will be exhibiting at the SF ZINE FEST in Golden Gate Park. It is a nice little show and unlike other book conventions, it is FREE to get in. The ZINE FEST takes place on the south side of the park, near the 9th & Irving neighborhood. The first building you … Read more

ZINE FEST This weekend!


This coming weekend I’ll be exhibiting for the first time at the SAN FRANCISCO ZINE FEST. In addition to my books, I’ll have a few original little paintings for sale as well. I’ve attended myself a few times before, most recently LAST year, when I enjoyed it so much that I had to try being … Read more

Zine Fest 2010


Here’s my haul from last weekend’s ZINE FEST, here in San Francisco. I’d planned to exhibit there myself but it sold out by the time I applied. That turned out to be a good thing; it’s fun to go to comics shows as an ATTENDEE sometimes, especially as part of a POSSE (myself, Julia, Jeff, … Read more

Same Difference


I recently attended a zine festival here in San Fransisco and picked up a copy of a book called SAME DIFFERENCE and other stories by Derek Kirk Kim. It is the best comic I have read in quite a while and I recommend that you check out his site, which is where all his strips … Read more