Jet-Kid ♥ Hola-Gato

This colour pencil drawing is my submission to the HITOTSU art Auction being held this Saturday at the SUPERFROG GALLERY, as a fund-raiser for JAPAN.

In trying to do a piece for a show that honours Japan, I started out by thinking of all my favourite Japanese cartoon characters, which is where my love of Japanese culture began (Cartoons is where my love of America began too, incidentally). After a few days of doodling, I ended up with this image; MY version of two Japanese Cartoon icons, at the beginning of a beautiful relationship. If you’re in San Francisco this Saturday, please come to the NEW PEOPLE building in Japantown. The Auction will take place at the TOP floor SUPERFROG GALLERY from 7PM-10PM. It will be a lot of fun and it’s for a GREAT cause!

To get a preview of all the excellent pieces flooding in (from 50 different artists in the animation community) head over to the MAVERIX STUDIOS blog. You can also pre-register for the auction to avoid what will be LONG lines during the paying/pick-up process.

See you all there!

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