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  1. Jamie,

    I attended Comic Con for the 1st time in 5 years and went by your booth. Unfortunately, Bosco told me that you and Rhode were not attending this year. Hopefully, you will be attending APE as I want to purchase your special books, “The Tiniest Bear” and “Jock”.

    For myself, the Con was too much. I only attend Thu and Fri but needed the weekend to recupperate. I was fortunate to get a drawing from Robert Valley.

    Take care. See you at the Totoro auction.


  2. Nice images. That pretty much captures it.

    We missed the Con this year like a bunch of chumps. We’ll be back next year with a vengeance tho.

  3. John>> I think that these guys are there every year…

    Charles>> Yes, the con is getting to be pretty dang overwhelming… especially so on the weekend, so your attending just on the Thursday and Friday was a good idea. That ROBERT drawing alone would have been worth the trip; he is a monster!

    Alan>> Yeah, I missed it this year too… I am still looking forward to the day that GHOSTBOT has a booth laden with tasty product… maybe next year?

    • I went through that myself the first few years I went to Comic Con, 1997-2000, when I showed my folio each year. Then in 2001 a few of us at Maverix Studios decided to get a table and simply EXHIBIT instead. We cut out the middle man publishers, and then enjoyed the process of being rejected by the general public direct.

    • Ha! It’s so much better on the exhibiting side. You only hear from people who like your work. If people aren’t interested in your art they just keep walking. They don’t stop, leaf through your work and tell you why it sucks.

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