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It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned ROCKET RABBIT here on my blog, and even longer since I’ve had a new book to show. This is despite the fact that I’ve been hammering away on a project for years. It will be a while until that is ready, so here are some thumbnails.

comics thumbnails
The Professor at ROBO-BRAWL

The focus of my comics shifted after 2012, when I lost the use of my right arm. Since then, I’ve had to RE-learn to draw, using my left hand. Comics is a demanding medium that requires many skills – writing, designing, blocking action, composing shots, acting characters and drawing backgrounds. In this, it is very similar to storyboarding. Thus, my comics became a personal art therapy gymnasium, to re-hone those skills. This constant practice eventually got my drawing to a level where I could work professionally again, so it has definitely been worthwhile. 

comics thumbnails
Rocket Rabbit vs The BLUDGEONATOR!

I’m extremely grateful to be drawing professionally again, but my job leaves me less time than I had before, and I am much slower now. Though drawing professionally, I cannot draw with the control I once had. Thankfully, storyboarding is forgiving of looser drawing, because it is essentially thumbnailing an entire film. Fine line artwork is not required. However, I want my old dexterity back. So the new Rocket Rabbit art therapy project is to attempt to draw in a style compatible with how I drew before. Thus, the comics dabbling continues.

comics thumbnails
Rocket & Professor at The Weirdlands Rally

Up till now, I’ve focused on thumbnails, where rough & chunky drawings are acceptable. However, after several years of tinkering with rough designs & thumbnail page layouts, I hope to start drawing more refined artwork soon, as my dexterity improves. Then final art on a series of short stories. They will hopefully glue together into a meandering 120 page book.

comics thumbnails
Big Suit introduces The Alienz

Also on my to-do list is expanding the Rocket Rabbit website. It hasn’t been upgraded in many years, but will become a place to accumulate pages online till I’ve assembled enough stories for a big collection. It may be that all finished pages simply live online. In the old days, the end game was a book to sell at conventions. Nowadays I’m not so sure if I want to go through the stresses of the printing/exhibiting processes.. So I’ll have to wait & see..

comics thumbnails
Rocket vs The PREZiDENT!

In the meantime, there’s a LOT of drawing to do!

10 thoughts on “ROCKET RABBIT thumbnails”

  1. I’ll buy the thumbnail version!!!!
    Looking very fun James!!!
    Can’t wait to see some final pages.
    Our course that I’m teaching on is now covering comics as a separate pathway.
    Who ever thought that you could go to uni to do a BA in comics!?

    big hugs from London
    Phil and Lisa

  2. Jimmy for what it’s worth… I think the uncut diamonds that come from your left hand have so much story telling strength it doesn’t bother this eye one bit that he drawings may not have the slickness of your art pre- illness. I DO believe they have their own charm and I respect the material that comes out of your head and not necessarily the hand.

    • thank you Deane. I definitely like SOME of the randomness that comes from drawing with my non dominant hand. Hopefully I can gain some speed, control & dexterity without losing that.

  3. Great news! It’s looking great! 120 pages is epic! These samples are tantalizing but the resolution is juuuust vague enough to prevent complete understanding–which I get; a magician doesn’t reveal tricks until publication (and besides, they’re roughs)…HOWEVER I do detect the BLUDGEONATOR!! Therefore I predict AWESOMENESS!!


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