Figure Sketching

Drawing the human figure from real life reference.

Jun 202017
Nippon By Rail

The Japan Rail Pass was grossly expensive to someone used to meagre 1980s Australian animation wages but I forked over my hard earned cash anyway, for a chance to explore the length and breadth of a country I’d long wanted to see. Only available for purchase outside Japan, The JR Pass is valid on ferries and trains (even snazzy Shinkansen ‘bullet [..READ MORE..]

2016 Dickens Fair

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May 212017
2016 Dickens Fair

In December Julia and I went to San Francisco’s Dickens Fair, which I’d often heard about but never attended. Despite being surrounded by a constant jibber-jabber of lame Cockney accents that would make even Dick Van Dyke wince ( ‘Cor Blimey Mary!‘ ) it was a lot of fun. Seen here are some sketches done in the PreRaphaelite Artists Salon, where we got art [..READ MORE..]

Dr Sketchy’s

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Sep 182011
Dr Sketchy's

Last night, Julia and I attended a life-drawing sketch session at San Francisco’s branch of the famous Dr Sketchy’s anti-ArtSchool, held at the 111 Minna Gallery. It was a lot of fun. My understanding is that the models are always dressed and posed to a theme and this time it was “burlesque clowns”. Three 20 minute poses and [..READ MORE..]

Feb 012011
Big Sur

My current pocket sketchbook has a long history; it was purchased in 2002, drawn in sporadically until 2004, then lost and only just found again late last year. Consequently, there are OLD sketches amongst the new, such as these from a trip in 2004, when Bosco, myself and Chris (pictured below) went driving south along highway #1 (along [..READ MORE..]

More Tokyo Sketches

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Feb 162008
More Tokyo Sketches

Some more drawings from a old stash of travel sketches. These are from Japan, 1987. When I did these, I’d not been in Japan long, having just got off the ferry from Taiwan (via Okinawa) where I had been supervising animation layouts in Taipei. After a few hectic months of tropical heat and crazy Saturday-Morning animation production schedules [..READ MORE..]

Ueno Ape House

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Nov 162007
Ueno Ape House

I’m still scanning and archiving lots of old 1980s travel sketchbooks and doodles. Here are some of my very rare life-drawings, done on a cold Japanese winter’s day in 1987 at Tokyo’s UENO ZOO. The apes had gone inside to escape the cold, though they couldn’t escape prying eyes, as we human beings could observe them in their [..READ MORE..]