Jul 042011

A fun project I worked on a few years ago was HUBERT’s BRAIN; a quirky short CG film produced by Wild Brain (the original, San Francisco branch) and directed by Phil Robinson & Gordon Clark. Starring Peter Falk (Columbo) Jonathan Harris (Lost in Space) and Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) the film won an Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Short Subject Annie Award for Wild Brain in 2001.

In addition to my usual role as storyboard artist, I did some of the character designs, including this one; an annoying yappy dog. It is always fun for me to design a character that is not supposed to be cute. Apart from a typical cranky lap-dog I was thinking of a creepy hybrid of pug, piranha, crab and bat as I drew him. The modelers and animators did a fantastic job bringing this character to life.

This is my fave design contribution to the project, but I have more model sheets for some of the other characters I designed for HUBERT’s BRAIN that I’ll post later.

Jun 282011

Many years ago my friend GORDON CLARK hatched an animated project about a bio-dome of cattle lost in outer space. It was called CATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

While the Sci-fi set-up is a cross between “LOST IN SPACE”, “SILENT RUNNING” and “SPACE 1999”, this story would have been largely a musical, with the bufoonish space cowboy singing lots of goofy songs to his sidekicks (a robot and a lost Russian cosmonaut Dog) as they all sat around an electronic camp fire, between whacky adventures in space, dealing with the manic CAPTAIN COW; An intergalactic bovine warrior who wants to set the cattle free.

Having been conceived by Gordon, it was bound to be a very funny show, coz he is a very funny man. Sadly, it was long ago consigned to that ever-growing pile of “would have been great” but “never got made” projects that I’ve been involved with over the years, which is a pile containing my favourite projects ever. This marker sketch is some of the pitch art (and character designs) I did for it.

Mar 262009

Gordon Clark is a long-time friend and co-worker; we were colleagues at both Colossal Pictures and at Wild Brain. Like me, Gordon is a bad-movie aficionado. He is no less than the founder of GOMER NIGHT (where like-minded nerds rent crappy movies and make fun of them whilst enjoying them). I am pleased to announce that Gordon finally has his own outpost on the web, which is stuffed full of great cartoon content; Storyboards, animation clips, his hilarious character designs and more.

Check it all out!

Jan 302008

Gordon Clark and the guys at Wild Brain recently made an entertaining in-flight safety-video for Virgin America Airlines. I really like the pencil-testy look of it. Gordon styled the spot and designed most of the characters that made me laugh (I checked) and he also did the voice-over narration. I recently took a flight to LA and decided to fly Virgin just to see this amusing movie in action, but unfortunately the little TV monitors were not working on that particular flight. DOH!

Mar 252002

A lot of the the projects that I’ve worked on in the past few years are still in production, or are in some weird political limbo. Either way it means that I can’t show any work that I’ve done on them.

A rare example of some recent storyboard work that I can actually show because the project has been finished, is a sequence of boards from the CG short film Huberts Brain which has been added to the “Storyboard” section.

I’ve also added some new stuff to the Design section. Most of it is conceptual character design done when I went freelance a few years ago.