3 Little Pigs

 Posted by on August 21, 2011  Character design, Drawings, VisDev
Aug 212011

Many of the most-fun projects I work on never actually get made, like this one for example, a very fun project directed by Phil Robinson at Wild Brain in San Francisco.

These sketches were done for a re-telling of all the classic FAIRY TALES where the BIG BAD WOLF is the baddie, BUT this time told from his point of view. We learn that he was set-up in the LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD story, and RED was actually his girlfriend. The poor wolf is framed by the 3 LITTLE PIGS, who were 3 horrible little THUGS in our version. It was funny.

We were having a lot of fun developing this idea but the needle-scratch moment came when we found out that a film called HOODWINKED was already in production elsewhere. Clearly our timing was bad and therefore the project was shelved.

  10 Responses to “3 Little Pigs”

  1. Rip-snorter drawings Jimmy!

  2. I always really liked the guy in the middle. He reminds me of an Oliver Twist villain! Scary!

  3. I do recognize these characters from your portfolio when you shared it with me back then. Really cool! I especially like the sketch on the top where everyone one got really high-rise pants!
    Too bad that a bunch of fairy tales with smart pants jumped on and killed the genre afterward…

    • Pat, yeah, there was a period of about 6 years in my career where EVERYTHING I worked on got cancelled. And they were all exciting projects too. But I had fun and met some great people during that period, including YOU!

  4. There’s still room for a Dickensian style project in animation with animals!

  5. What did the wolf look like?

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