APE this weekend!

Once again, it’s time to GO APE. My favourite San Francisco comics-show will be held this coming weekend at the CONCOURSE EXHIBITION CENTER. I will be exhibiting there, at table #108, flanked by friends on either side; John Hoffman will be at #107 (with his crew; Kris Pearn and Craig Berry) while Michael Aushenker and Javier Hernandez will be at #109. Not to mention the fact that TONS of other friends will be exhibiting at the show too.

Now that Wondercon will be moving to Anaheim in 2012, not only is APE San Francisco’s coolest comics show, it’s the ONLY comics-show left in town, at least until 2013 when Wondercon may return. In the meantime, I hope to see you this weekend!

3 thoughts on “APE this weekend!”

  1. Great to see you at APE on Sunday! My hunger pangs got the best of me at the end of the day, but I’m hoping to still pick up a couple of your comics. 🙂


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