Merry Christmas

It is a winter’s Christmas Eve where I am as I write this, but it is already a summer’s Christmas Day in my home town, which is where this picture was taken during a break in play at LAST year’s Happy Christmas Day Cricket match played behind my Dad’s house. Shown here, taking a well earned rest from fielding in the summer sun, are Batman and Santa Claus hanging out with my Nephew Tyler.

It’s a magical time of year to be sure…

2005: the year in review
The Bad
JOE RANFT and DAN LEE, Two powerhouse animation talents, died this year.

The many shocking Natural disasters that rocked the world.

The Good
In response to the tragedies, Maverix Studios raise $47,000 for charities in several Art-Auctions, including one for the Asian Tsunami and one for the Pakistan Earthquakes

After a self-publishing hiatus, I completed a new comic that I was very happy with.

I discovered a new literary obsession; the Aubrey Maturin Novels.

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