Baker family photo

A rare group shot of the Baker clan taken at my brother Rob’s pre-Christmas party in Sydney.

2004: year in review
Bad Stuff
I found out that some other people are trying to Trademark the name Rocket Rabbit, which necessitates me shelling out the money for some legal battles.

My pal Mike gets in a nasty accident at a game of paint-ball, damages his eye and doesn’t have any insurance.

Mike’s friends rally around and hold a fund raiser art auction to raise money for his eye-surgery. It was a great feeling for us to be able to help out.

This was a year for traveling and spending time with my family. Among the great moments spent with a throng of Bakers, was attending a performance of the LION KING on stage in Sydney, courtesy of my brother Rob. For the first time in over 10 years, I spent Christmas in my hometown.

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