Dave Johnson plugs Babes in Space

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Nov 282004

Benton Jew just turned me onto the fact that on Dave Johnson’s NEWS page there is a nice review of Babes in Space:

Sunday, November 21, 2004
You must buy this!!!

This is one of those books that really blew me away. It’s a collection of Space Girl stories by the likes of: Benton Jew, Anson Jew, Les Toil, Ed Reynolds, Bosco Ng, Brian O’Connell and James Baker. What was that? Never heard of them? Well, put down your Jim Lee comic and try something else. These guy’s rocked my socks with their talent. So give them so of the moola you were going to spend on that Wizard retrospective on foil stamp covers from the late 90’s. For more info go to: www.babesinspace.com

If, as a result of that fine endorsement by one of the best in the biz, you now feel inspired to purchase BABES IN SPACE, then visit my ONLINE STORE, or BUD PLANT where arrangements can be made for a copy to find it’s way into your grubby little hands.

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  1. THE Dave Johnson??! I remember him from way back when with “Super Patriot”! He picked you guys over Jim Lee and Wizard…Nice! Congrats!

  2. Crazy Huh? He was probably drunk when he wrote that God bless him. They have a great sketchbook of his at the ISOTOPE.

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