Sonoma sketches

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Apr 292018

I just tidied up and scanned some sketches drawn a few months ago while staying in Sonoma.

My Brother Jo and his wife Priscilla were visiting Northern California wine tasting with a group of their friends, and invited Julia and I to meet them on the Sonoma leg of their trip. Julia found us a posh AirbnB near Sonoma town square, and off we went for a weekend of dining and doodling. While Jo & Priscilla and their crew were visiting wineries during the day, Julia and I got in a drawing sesh in the square just a few minutes walk from our lodgings, then met them later for dinner. I also drew a study of the twee knick knacks in our B&B. 

It was only a quick trip but one of the fantastic aspects of living in the Bay Area is having so many wonderful day trips so close to home.

  10 Responses to “Sonoma sketches”

  1. The objects on the desk is one of my favorites ever – ‘twee knick knacks’ indeed!

  2. Love these Jimmy, the typewriter is so beautifully drawn x

  3. Hey there James!!

    Great soft touch you have.
    Reminding me of Miyazaki’s boards.
    Delicate and well-observed.

    Big hugs from London!
    Phil and Lisa

    • Hey Phil! I simply do a drawing and ‘color it in’, rather than paint it properly. Hoping to graduate to a true water colourist someday, and figure more stuff out WITH the brush..

  4. Beautiful sketches James. Cheers,

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