Mendocino Beach

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May 282011

This watercolour of the beach at Van Damme State Park looks a lot better to me now that I do not have the real thing right in front of my eyes for comparison.

  7 Responses to “Mendocino Beach”

  1. Another beaut! I can kinda see Yoda in this . . .!

  2. Love the watercolour piece! 😀 and really like the Trickster art too 🙂 All the best.

  3. ha – yeah that was a very intimidating beach to paint. in fact, i didn’t post my sketch of it because i think I failed. you on the other hand produced a really beautiful sketch! i love that you got the geese in there too!

  4. Damn beautiful!

    • thanks, Benton. Although I now notice that the horizon is sloping downwards to the right. I blame it on the pointy rock I was sitting on..

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