CTN EXPO 2010: Report

Ctn 2010 3

Last weekend I exhibited at CTN ANIMATION EXPO in Burbank, and although I may not exhibit there again in the short term, I had a very good time meeting old friends and new. I am genuinely happy that the US animation industry now has a show of its own; I don’t think there has been … Read more

CTN Animation Expo: Table T-05

Here is an AD I made for the PROGRAM GUIDE of the CTN ANIMATION EXPO that I will be exhibiting at next week, (Friday, 19th through Sunday, 21st of November) down in Burbank. This is only the second time that they’ve held this event, and I was at the very first show too, though as … Read more

LA weekend


I just spent a really fun long weekend in LA, visiting with a lot of my good friends from the Bay Area who have moved down there over the last few years. It’s funny to see some die-hard LA bashers of a few years back getting comfortable in SOCAL. But I won’t make too much … Read more