LA weekend

I just spent a really fun long weekend in LA, visiting with a lot of my good friends from the Bay Area who have moved down there over the last few years. It’s funny to see some die-hard LA bashers of a few years back getting comfortable in SOCAL. But I won’t make too much fun of them; who knows, I may even be moving that way myself very soon…

While in LA, I dropped off some of my books at two great comics shops down there. You can pick up copies of ROCKET RABBIT #1 next time you go comics shopping at either Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd or Hi de Ho on Santa Monica Blvd.

3 thoughts on “LA weekend”

  1. “Who knows, I may even be moving that way myself very soon…”

    WHUT?! Jamie Baker…you can forget about those crazy ideas right now. I’m not listening to you anymore…LALALALALALLALALALA.

  2. LA has a lot more work for artists like us. I found the amount of talent down there to be pretty stunning as well. Not to mention the cost of living down there is probably much more bearable than SF.

    Who am I kidding… LA blows!


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