CTN Animation Expo: Table T-05

Here is an AD I made for the PROGRAM GUIDE of the CTN ANIMATION EXPO that I will be exhibiting at next week, (Friday, 19th through Sunday, 21st of November) down in Burbank.

This is only the second time that they’ve held this event, and I was at the very first show too, though as an attendee, not as an exhibitor. There were some very interesting seminars and panels which I enjoyed, not to mention the fact that I met people from just about every phase of my career (and some new people too) so it was fun from start to finish.

I was tempted to go as an attendee again this time around too, because as an exhibitor it is hard to attend the panels and so forth (plus I can’t sleep in!) But, in the end, I thought I’d give exhibiting a try. I have been meaning to do more shows each year, so why not this one, which is focussed on the community that I work in? I am very much looking forward to it.

A TON of friends will be also exhibiting this year; Patrick Awa, Maverix, Ghostbot, Jim Capobianco and more. It isn’t too late to get tickets, and if you quote the code BAKRX10 there is a discount.

I hope to see you all there!

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  1. Hi James. This was a good choice for the ad, I think. Has the right “pull” energy. I’m sorry I’ll miss Patrick and you & the Mvx. Hope it turns out to be awesome, so I can save up for next year. Cheers! -Ed


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