Nov 172001

Nerve Bomb In my spare time I continue to fiddle about on my website, and have begun to build an alternate site for my personal stuff. It is still a work in progress but you can check it out at Bear in mind that there will be some repetition of artwork; I’m still figuring out the navigation.

I am still working at PIXAR doing some freelance storyboarding on Andrew Stanton’s new movie “Finding Nemo”. That will probably take me up untill the end of the year.

Nov 162001

A 12 page preview from NERVE BOMB Issue Zero (published in 2001) starring Rocket and the Professor; SAN FIASCO’s favourite crime fighting team!

These few intro pages to the story were a total mad-scramble. I had misunderstood the printer’s due-date, and suddenly realised that I had days rather than weeks to finish my book. It was not ideal but I fudged this extended intro to the story by using some vis-dev art that I had already made; model-sheets and the like. In the end, the satisfaction of having the project finished made up for the misgivings about style change in the art.

Nov 122001

Rocket Rabbit & the Professor

Here are the main characters from my recently published NERVE BOMB comic book: Rocket Rabbit and his best friend and inventor, The Professor. They are a pair of skallywags and professional heroes, working in the bayside city of San Fiasco. I am still figuring out their entire story but I am enjoying that exploration. Making and printing this book, not to mention exhibiting it at this years Comic Con, was one of the most satisfying personal projects I’ve ever done, despite some shenanigans with the printer.

Oct 072001

When not watching the horrifying TV News just like everyone else, I’ve been working for PIXAR doing some freelance storyboarding. Just prior to that I was doing a little concept work for Wild Brain. Website fiddling continues as before. I’m trying to learn how to use Javascript now.

Sep 102001

For the past few weeks I’ve been reworking my website after having messed it up by some unqualified fiddling about. Hopefully it is a little simpler now, and I’ve reduced the file sizes of a lot of the art so that it will load quicker. I’m almost done with the resizing, and I’ve begun to add some new pieces.

Currently I only have one movie in my animation section. Check back soon when I’ve done some more uploading, there will be at least 3 movies in there soon. I’m also working on building another site called NERVE BOMB, which is the name of the comic that I self-published earlier this year. When it is finished, I’ll move the stuff currently housed in the “projects” part of my portfolio to that that site. That will leave this site as purely my professional work.

On the subject of Nerve Bomb, Derek and Bosco and I still have boxes of the comics that we self published for the San Diego convention cluttering up the halls, so if anyone is interested in taking some of this quality merchandise off of our hands don’t be shy with those wallets.

The folks at Maverix, namely Sho and Vaughn, have also been retooling their sites as well so check those out, but bear in mind that they are still tweaking bits and pieces. Hopefully Bosco will get to finishing off his site next. Maverix is pretty quiet at the moment as Robert is in London, Sho is preparing to go, and Derek is at the burning man. Patrick Awa, Chris petrocchi and Sam Hood will be keeping their seats warm while they are away.

Aug 102001

The big push to get our comics finished for the San Diego Comic Con 2001 Convention is finally Over. We managed to sell a few at our Maverix booth down there. It was very gratifying experience for us to have a table instead of traipsing about showing our folios to uninterested editors. Showing our comics to uninterested fans was much better. At least we got to sit down…

I’m kidding!

It was a lot of fun, and especially gratifying to have done what we set out to do: self-publish some comics! Rocket Rabbit is FINALLY out of my head and in his own book at last! NERVE BOMB comics, issue # ZERO. And Derek and Bosco both reached their comic-creation goals as well. Hopefully, Derek Bosco and I will figure out a way to sell all these books from our website in future.

Rocket Rabbit