Princess Leia

Memory Reboot

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Mar 182010
Memory Reboot

In an attempt to purge my mind’s eye of images of the BEARDED SLAVE LEIA seen last weekend at Emerald City Comic Con, where he single handedly overwrote the adolescent memories of a thousands of nerds (including myself) here are some quick sketches of the Princess LEIA I would prefer to remember, drawn through bleeding eyes.

Dec 032007
My Auction Pieces

These Star Wars portraits are the original pieces that I did for the latest Maverix Art Auction, held last night. Additionally, I submitted three signed and framed prints from my Dad’s Elephant Book. Over this past week I rented and watched the original three Star Wars movies, and as I’d already been doodling the characters, I decided to tidy up [READ MORE…]

Senator Leia Organa

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Oct 162007
Senator Leia Organa

Frequent visitors to this blog will have noticed that I have Star Wars on the brain at the moment… Here’s a little doodle (3×4 inches) of Princess LEIA done while watching TV last night.. You’ve all no doubt heard of HAN SOLO, but what about his sister; TRUMPET SOLO? (That nugget of internet gold courtesy of CHRIS.) Some fans of [READ MORE…]